BMW M3G80 GearBox Settings in Car Parking Multiplayer

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on enhancing the performance of your BMW M3G82 Touring in Car Parking Multiplayer. This article is tailored to assist you in reaching impressive speeds of up to 600+ kilometers per hour for drag racing. 

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Engine TypeV12/W16Choose between V12 or W16 for optimal performance
TurboTripleTriple turbo setup for maximum power
TiresSportsResulting in horsepower after modifications
ExhaustNewEnhanced exhaust system for better airflow
Chip TuningEnabledOptimize the engine’s performance
Gearbox TypeFastFor rapid and smooth gear transitions
IntercoolerYesTo regulate engine temperatures
Horsepower925Resulting horsepower after modifications
Torque (Nm)1804Resulting torque after modifications

Gear Box Settings

BMW M3G80 GearBox Settings

Before diving into the modifications, it’s essential to gauge the stock engine’s performance in drag racing. Using the default settings, we have measured the top speed of the stock engine, providing a benchmark for subsequent upgrades.

V12 Engine Upgrade:

V12 Engine Upgrade in car parking multiplayer mod apk

To drastically enhance the BMW’s performance, consider the following modifications:

  • Upgrade to a V12 engine.
  • Integrate a triple turbo system.
  • Use sports tires for optimal traction.
  • Install a new exhaust system.
  • Opt for chip tuning.
  • Implement a fast gearbox.
  • Add an intercooler.

With these upgrades, the car now boasts an impressive 925 horsepower with 1804 Newton meters of torque. For optimal drag racing performance, we’ve also identified ideal settings for the suspension and gearbox.

suspension and gearbox.

Performance Test with V12 Engine Upgrade

Having made these enhancements, it’s essential to test the car’s modified performance. With a hefty price tag of $500,000 for these upgrades, it’s worthwhile to verify the return on investment.

Drag Racing Tips

Drag Racing Tips

For those seeking a competitive edge in drag racing, the speed trick can be invaluable. By pressing the FWD and RWD buttons alternately, racers can achieve faster times.

By pressing the FWD and RWD

Performance in Varied Race Distances

Performance in Varied Race Distances

For comprehensive insight, we’ve also assessed the car’s performance in both 1600-meter and three-kilometer races. However, for optimal performance in these races, adjustments to the suspension and Center of Gravity (COG) settings are crucial.

Rating the Performance with V12 Engine

Having witnessed the car’s prowess post the V12 engine upgrades, we invite you to rate its performance. On a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being underwhelming and 10 being stellar, how does it fare? As you can see with this gearbox setting you can achieve a speed of 300+ KM/h.

Rating the Performance with V12 Engine

The W16 Engine Upgrade:

The W16 Engine Upgrade:

For the ambitious, the W16 engine upgrade beckons. This upgrade entails:

  • Transition to a W16 engine.
  • Triple turbo system.
  • Sports tires.
  • New exhaust.
  • Chip tuning.
  • Fast gearbox.
  • Intercooler.

With this upgrade, your car will now command a remarkable 16.95 horsepower and 2,254 Newton meters of torque. As with the V12, we recommend certain COG, suspension, and gearbox settings for peak performance.

Performance Test with W16 Engine

Performance Test with W16 Engine

How does the car perform with the W16 engine upgrade? Especially when one considers the real-world cost of acquiring the W16 engine, the performance review becomes imperative.

Drag Racing Tests with and without Speed Trick

To showcase the tangible benefits of the speed trick, we’ve compared the car’s performance in 402-meter races—with and without the scheme.

Drag Racing Tests with and without Speed Trick

Further Testing in Extended Drag Races

Further Testing in Extended Drag Races

Just as with the V12 engine, it’s beneficial to assess the car’s performance in 1600-meter and three-kilometer drag races after the W16 upgrade. Remember, adjusting the suspension and COG settings is essential.

Top Speed Test

Top Speed Test in car parking multiplayer

To round off our comprehensive assessment, we’ve also measured the car’s ultimate top speed after all upgrades, which is around 570+ KM/h.


When tuning the BMW M3G80 in the Car Parking Multiplayer, players have the option to select between the V12 and W16 engine upgrades. Both engines bring a significant enhancement in power and performance, but they cater to slightly different needs.

The V12 engine offers an impressive blend of speed and control. With a triple turbo setup and resulting horsepower of 925, it provides a robust performance increase, ensuring that players can achieve remarkable speeds, especially in drag races.

On the other hand, the W16 engine pushes the boundaries of in-game performance even further. While it retains many of the features of the V12, like the triple turbo setup, its architecture allows for a more substantial horsepower and torque increase. It’s the go-to choice for players who want to extract every ounce of power and speed, regardless of cost or other factors.

In summary, while both engines dramatically enhance the BMW M3G80’s performance, the choice between them boils down to individual player preferences and gameplay strategies. The V12 serves as a substantial upgrade from the stock engine, balancing power with control. Meanwhile, the W16 stands as the epitome of speed and performance within the game, ideal for those aiming for the top echelons of drag racing leaderboards.


  • Why should I tune up my BMW M3G82 Touring for drag racing in car parking multiplayer?

    Tuning your BMW M3G82 Touring optimizes its performance, making it faster and more efficient for drag racing competitions in the game.

  • How can I achieve speeds of up to 600+ kilometers per hour?

    By following the specific tuning and upgrade recommendations provided in the guide, such as the V12 engine upgrade, triple turbo system, sports tires, and other modifications.

  • What’s the difference between the stock engine and the V12 upgrade in car parking multiplayer?

    The stock engine is what your car originally came with in car parking multiplayer. The V12 upgrade is a modification that significantly boosts your car’s horsepower and torque, making it much faster.

  • Do I have to spend real money on the mod APK version to get the upgrades?

    The mod APK typically provides many features and upgrades for free that might otherwise require payment or extensive gameplay in the standard version.

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