Lamborghini GearBox Settings Car Parking Multiplayer

Lamborghini GearBox Settings Car Parking Multiplayer

Car enthusiasts and virtual racers alike are always on the hunt for ways to optimize their virtual rides. In the vast realm of online gaming, “Car Parking Multiplayer” has carved its niche, offering players an incredibly realistic experience of tuning, racing, and even interacting in a digital world. The game has garnered widespread attention for its intricate details and customizable settings, allowing players to tailor their cars for peak performance.

This article delves deep into the specifics of tuning the Lamborghini Veneno within the game, guiding players to achieve a staggering 700+kph top speed. Moreover, for those looking to unlock more features and expand their in-game possibilities, the Car Parking Multiplayer mod APK might just be the tool they need. Read on to uncover the secrets to mastering the tracks with one of the world’s most prestigious supercars.

Lamborghini Veneno’s Stock Engine Performance

The Lamborghini Veneno, an embodiment of speed and design, is a wonder of modern automotive engineering. Many car enthusiasts have been curious about its performance metrics, especially right out of the factory. In our recent tests, we delved into understanding how the Veneno fares with its stock engine. Here’s what we found:

Drag Racing Time

Our first test was a drag race, a true testament to a car’s acceleration and power. When put to the test, the Veneno, with its stock engine, clocked an impressive finish time.

Time: 11.32 seconds.

To get a better visual of how the car performed during this test, refer to the image provided below:

Drag Racing Time

This performance underscores the raw power Lamborghini brings to the table even without any tweaks or upgrades.

Top Speed Test

Next, we decided to push the Veneno to its limits by testing its top speed. The results were nothing short of spectacular.

Top Speed: 375 KM/h.

For a more detailed look into this exhilarating speed test, see the image below:

Top Speed Test

This top-speed test with the stock engine provides a benchmark, showing that even without any modifications, the Lamborghini Veneno is a formidable contender in the supercar category.

The Lamborghini Veneno with V12 Engine Upgrade

The Lamborghini Veneno has long been celebrated as a symbol of luxury, power, and style. With its already stellar performance metrics, it seems almost unbelievable that it could be made better. Yet, when we upgraded the Veneno with a V12 engine, the results were astounding.

Upgrading to V12

Upgrading to V12

Upgrading your Veneno to the V12 engine is the first step in unlocking a whole new level of performance. But don’t stop there. It’s crucial to ensure your horsepower peaks at *925hp*. Achieving this requires a combination of upgrades that not only elevate the car’s power but also fine-tune its performance. 

The recommended upgrades include:

New Exhaust: For an optimal flow and reduced backpressure.

Chip Tuning: To refine the engine’s electronic control unit for enhanced performance.

Brakes: Essential for bringing this powerhouse to a stop with precision.

Fast Gearbox: Ensures rapid gear shifts for optimal acceleration.

Inter Cooler: Keeps the engine cool, optimizing for performance.

Exhaust Burble & Shot: For those who love a performance car that also sounds the part.

For the gearbox, specific ratio settings are imperative. Take a look at the recommended settings for optimal performance:

lamborghini gear box ration settings for v12 engine

Further, do remember to adjust the ABS and incorporate other settings as mentioned in the video.

Performance Tests with V12

On the racetrack, the results with the V12 engine were evident. In the *402-meter race*, the Veneno crossed the finish line in a blazing *09.10 seconds* with a top speed of *346 KM/H* during the run.

But there’s more to a car than just its engine. The suspension plays a crucial role in handling, especially at high speeds. Here are the recommended suspension settings:

recommended suspension settings
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Additionally, the center of gravity settings are equally important, as they influence the car’s balance and stability. Check out the ideal settings:

To fully harness the Veneno’s potential with the V12 engine, it’s also vital to adjust according to other settings highlighted in the video.

During a more extended race, the *1600-meter*, the Veneno’s performance was still jaw-dropping. It clocked in at *33.16 seconds*, reaching a peak speed of *454 KM/H* during the sprint.

Race results car parking multiplayer

Lamborghini Veneno with W16 Engine Upgrade

Lamborghini Veneno with W16 Engine

The Lamborghini Veneno has always been a marvel in the world of supercars. Renowned for its striking design, beastly performance, and iconic bull emblem, this vehicle stands out in any crowd. As performance enthusiasts, we were curious: How much better could it get with the W16 engine?

Transitioning to the W16 Engine

Upgrading to the W16 engine is akin to supercharging an already potent beast. Here’s a step-by-step guide to optimizing the Veneno with the W16:

Engine Selection: Opt for the *Touring Engine*.

Turbocharger: Equip the car with the *Triple Turbo* for maximum airflow and boosted performance.

Tire Upgrade: Install the *Sport Tire* for improved traction and handling.

Exhaust System: Choose the *New Exhaust* for better airflow and a menacing roar.

Tuning: Implement *Chip Tuning* to optimize the engine’s performance parameters.

Brakes: A powerful car requires powerful brakes. Opt for the high-performance *Brake*.

Gearbox: The *Fast Gearbox* is crucial for rapid shifts and ensuring the power is delivered right.

Cooling System: Equip the *Inter Cooler* to ensure optimal engine temperature during high-performance sprints.

Sound and Performance: Enhance the car’s auditory experience with the *Exhaust Burble and Exhaust Shot*.

Achieving a whopping *1695 hp* is the benchmark to aim for when you’re done with these upgrades.

For perfect synchronization between the car’s speed and control, specific suspension and gearbox ratio settings are essential. For an in-depth understanding, refer to the images provided below:

Suspension Settings for Car Parking Multiplayer Lamborghini
W16 Engine Gear Ratio Settings For Lamborghini

Ensure you also follow the other settings mentioned in the video to harness the full potential of the Veneno with the W16 engine.

Performance Metrics with W16

On the testing ground, the Veneno with the W16 showcased a performance that can only be termed jaw-dropping. In a *402-meter race*, the car blitzed past the finish line in mere *07.59 seconds*, clocking a peak speed of *263 KM/H*.

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But that wasn’t the end. When we tested the Veneno’s top speed with the W16 engine, the results were astronomical. The car reached a mind-boggling *713 KM/H*, as evidenced by the image below:

Lamborghini Car Parking Multiplayer Top Speed with w16

Comparing the Performance of Lamborghini Veneno with Stock Engine, V12, and W16 Engines

The Lamborghini Veneno’s performance metrics vary greatly when equipped with different engines. In the pursuit of speed and efficiency, the following assessment provides a comparison between the Stock Engine, V12, and W16 configurations:

Feature/Engine TypeStock EngineV12 EngineW16 Engine
Horsepower (HP)Stock HP925 HP1695 HP
Torque (Newton meters)Stock Torque1804 Nm2254 Nm
402-meter Race Time11.32 seconds9.10 seconds7.59 seconds
402-meter Race Max SpeedStock Speed346 KM/H263 KM/H
Top Speed Achieved375 KM/H454 KM/H713 KM/H
Unique UpgradesNoneExhaust, Chip Tuning, Brake, Fast Gearbox, Inter Cooler, Exhaust Burble, Exhaust ShotTouring Engine, Triple Turbo, Sport tyre, New Exhaust, Chip Tuning, Brake, Fast Gearbox, Inter Cooler, Exhaust Burble, Exhaust Shot


Stock Engine: The stock engine is a testament to Lamborghini’s engineering prowess, providing a commendable top speed of 375 KM/H. However, for those looking for the pinnacle of speed and performance, upgrades are essential.

V12 Engine: The V12 engine upgrade significantly boosts the car’s performance. With its impressive horsepower and torque, it shaves off over two seconds in the 402-meter race and reaches a top speed of 454 KM/H. It brings additional upgrades like chip tuning and a faster gearbox that enhance the overall performance.

W16 Engine: The W16 configuration represents the zenith of automotive engineering for the Veneno. With an astonishing 1695 HP, it delivers unrivaled speed and power. Achieving a top speed of 713 KM/H and completing the 402-meter race in just 7.59 seconds, it’s the engine of choice for those who desire unmatched performance.

In summary, while the stock engine provides an exceptional driving experience characteristic of Lamborghini, the V12 and W16 engines unlock Veneno’s full potential. The W16, with its staggering power and speed, stands out as the ultimate choice for speed aficionados.

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