How to Boost Your Speed in Car Parking Multiplayer


How to Boost Your Speed in Car Parking Multiplayer 2023?

If you’re a lover of Car Parking Multiplayer, you’d know that the thrill isn’t just in parking but also in racing. With cars like the Nissan 180sx, Trueno AE86, and Nissan GTR34 making appearances, knowing how to maximize their potential is essential. Ready for a guide to speed? This article will show you How to Boost Your Speed in Car Parking Multiplayer in the latest version (

Stock vs. Race Settings: Boost upto 200X

While the default settings might make your Nissan GTR34 perform decently, customizing them can unlock its full potential:

  • Stock Settings (FWD mode): Most players used these settings on the Nissan GTR34, which has a horsepower 1695 and a custom gearbox, to clock in 8.4 seconds.
Race Settings in car parking Multiplayer mod apk
  • Race Settings (AKA AWD mode): With this tweak, the GTR34 slashed the time to 7 seconds.

The Key to Racing: Stability Help

Whatever car you use, whether the agile Trueno AE86 or the powerful Nissan Silvia, ensure “Stability Help” is activated. This feature is a game-changer during races.

The Quick-Switch Trick for Speed

  • Torching the car tires by pressing the following keys.
Torching the car tires.
  • Rapidly switching between FWD and Drift mode until you finish the race.
Car Parking Multiplayer tips
Car Parking Multiplayer racing tricks

Master this, and you might see your Mazda RX7 or any car dash to the finish line in an astonishing six seconds.

Switching continuously between FWD mode and Drift mode can make you win the game easily.

Nissan GTR34 Car Parking Multiplayer

Popular Cars to Look Out For in CPM Mod apk.

  • Nissan 180sx (#48)
  • Nissan GTR34 (#45)
  • Nissan Silvia (#46)
  • Trueno AE86 (#49)
  • Mazda RX7 (#47)

Each car has its unique charm and potential, waiting to be unlocked with the right settings.

For enthusiasts looking to take their Car Parking Multiplayer experience up a notch, the modified version of the game offers an enhanced experience tailored to high-octane racers.


The road to becoming the fastest in Car Parking Multiplayer involves more than just the gearbox. It’s about understanding each car, from the Trueno AE86 to the Nissan GTR34, and applying the right tricks.

What’s the significance of cars like the Nissan 180sx and Trueno AE86 in the game?

These are some of the game’s popular cars, each with unique stats and potential.

How does the custom gearbox impact a car’s performance in the game?

The custom gearbox can greatly influence a car’s acceleration and top speed. It allows for fine-tuning to achieve the best race times, as showcased by Dasa with the Nissan GTR34.

Is there any advantage to using cars like the Mazda RX7 or Nissan Silvia over others?

Each car in the Car Parking Multiplayer has unique attributes. Cars like the Mazda RX7 and Nissan Silvia might be favoured for certain race types due to their horsepower, gearbox compatibility, or handling. It’s essential to understand each car’s strengths and weaknesses.

How does the FWD mode compare to the AWD mode’s performance?

FWD (Front Wheel Drive) and AWD (All Wheel Drive) can have different traction, acceleration, and handling characteristics. Dasa suggests using the AWD mode for better race times, but the choice may vary based on the car and the player’s preference.

Can these racing tricks and tips be applied to all cars in the Car Parking Multiplayer, including the Trueno AE86 and Nissan 180sx?

Most tricks, especially the Quick-Switch method, can be applied across different cars. However, the effectiveness might vary, and it’s essential to practice and fine-tune based on each car’s unique attributes.

How often do game updates affect car performance or racing techniques?

Game updates can introduce new mechanics, cars, or tweaks to existing vehicles. Staying updated with patch notes and adjusting strategies as needed is a good practice.

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