How To Drift In Car Parking Multiplayer (Latest Version)?

You know those incredible scenes in movies where cars smoothly slide around corners, making everyone go “wow”? That’s called drifting, and guess what? You can do it, too, right in your game! In Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK, drifting isn’t just something you watch; it’s something you can learn and master. 

But like any cool trick, whether a magic card trick or balancing a ball on your nose, you need some guidance to get it right. And that’s where this guide comes in! We will explore the fun world of drifting together, breaking it down step by step. Ready to make your car the star of the show? Let’s zoom into the exciting world of drifting!

Drift In Car Parking Multiplayer

Complete Steps for Drifting In CP Multiplayer

Deep Dive into Settings 

Drifting Settings: Your car’s response during a drift largely depends on these settings. It’s essential to fine-tune them based on the vehicle’s mechanics and the environment. Always remember that a slight tweak can make or break your drift.

Drift in car parking Multiplayer mod apk

Analog Accelerator: While beneficial for daily driving, it can impede drifting. Switching it off gives direct control, ensuring every throttle adjustment is accurate. Every gas push and pull directly impacts your drift, offering a hands-on drifting experience.

Steering Sensitivity: Imagine trying to write with an overly sensitive pen where a slight move creates a significant mark. That’s what high steering sensitivity feels like – uncontrollable and often chaotic. On the other hand, too low a sensitivity is like drawing with a blunt pencil, offering no precision. Therefore, finding the perfect balance is crucial.

Steering Sensitivity Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK

Car Tires: Setting them to zero percent is counterintuitive. After all, wouldn’t you want maximum grip? But this reduced grip enables the perfect slide in drifting, striking a balance between control and chaos.

Tire Settings Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APk download

Buttons: Your Drifting Arsenal 

Braking: In the real world, you brake to stop. In the drifting world, the brake is a versatile tool. It can control a drift, change its direction, or extend its duration. Mastering the brake is equivalent to mastering half of the drifting technique.

Braking trick in car parking multiplayer

Handbrake: This is your flash move, the show-stealer. Whether you’re looking to make a dramatic entrance with a sharp drift or a 360-degree turn, the handbrake is your tool of choice. However, it requires finesse. A second too early or late can disrupt your entire drift.

Handbrake trick in car parking mutliplayer

‘M’ vs. ‘D’: Pro Tips

‘M’ for manual offers unmatched precision. For those intricate drifts and to get the angle right, ‘M’ is your ally. ‘D,” while convenient, often lacks that sharpness. Need more context on which cars perform best under these settings? Dive into the top 10 fastest cars in Car Parking Multiplayer 2023.

'M' is your ally. 'D,'' in car parking multiplayer

Crafting the Drift

Every drift tells a story, from the buildup, the climax, to the resolution. Perfecting it means understanding the car and the track, practicing endlessly, and looking for more ways to elevate your game. Check out how you can copy cars in Car Parking Multiplayer to add unique flair.


In Carparking Multiplayer Mod APK, drifting isn’t just about making the car go sideways. It’s like teaching your car a cool new trick! It’s not just about pressing the gas or turning the steering wheel; it’s about making the vehicle drift smoothly and stylishly.

This guide taught you that drifting is a bit like a puzzle. It would help to have the right pieces (settings) and moves (controls). But remember, just like learning anything new, it might initially feel tricky. That’s okay! Every time you play and practice, you get better at drifting.

The world inside the Carparking Multiplayer Mod APK is enormous and filled with adventures. There are many cars to try and lots of roads to drift on. So, keep trying, keep learning, and, most of all, enjoy every drift!


  1. What is drifting in Carparking Multiplayer Mod APK?

    Drifting in the game is when you make your car slide smoothly around turns, like a toy car skidding on a smooth floor!

  2. Are some cars better for drifting in the game?

    Yes! Just like some toy cars might slide better than others, some cars in the game are designed to drift well.

  3.  I tried drifting, but my car didn’t slide. Why?

    Just like some shoes can be slippery and others not, your car needs the correct settings. Change a few game settings, and you’ll see your car drift!

  4. Where can I practice drifting in the game?

    The game has many roads and tracks. Find an ample, open space or a quiet street to practice your drifts without bumping into things.

  5. Do I need special buttons to drift in the game?

    You have a few buttons to help you drift, like the brake and the handbrake. It’s like having special buttons on a toy remote control to make the toy make cool moves!

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