Ferrari 418 GearBox Settings in Car Parking Multiplayer

In the realm of drag racing, every millisecond counts. The speed and precision of the vehicle, when paired with the right strategies, can make or break a race. The Ferrari 418, a marvel in the world of racing, comes with its inherent strengths. However, like any other racecar, its potential can be further enhanced with the right tuning. Let’s delve deeper into how to extract the utmost performance from the Ferrari 418 for drag racing in the Car Parking Multiplayer.

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Stock Engine Performance

Before making any alterations, it’s fundamental to grasp the car’s inherent capabilities. With the stock engine:

402 Meter Race: The Ferrari in Car Parking Multiplayer exhibited its foundational strength by completing the race in a decent 12.33 seconds. While impressive, there’s room for improvement.

402 Meter Race with stock engine

Top Speed: On a straight path, without any enhancements, the vehicle clocked a top speed of 305 KM/H. A commendable feat, but in the world of drag racing, every kilometer per hour counts.

Ferrari 418 GearBox Settings in Car Parking Multiplayer

Upgrading to V12 Engine

Transitioning to a more powerful engine can drastically alter the vehicle’s dynamics. The V12 engine, renowned for its power, brings the following enhancements to the Ferrari 418.

Ferrari V12 Engine

Suspension Settings for V12 Engine

Suspension Settings for V12 Engine

GearBox Ratio Settings for V12 Engine

GearBox Ratio Settings for V12 Engine

402 Meter Race: A significant jump from its predecessor, the car, with the V12 engine, displayed a fierce performance, wrapping up the race in a rapid 08.04 seconds. 

402 Meter Race

1600 Meter Race: Demonstrating endurance and speed, the vehicle sprinted through the 1600 meters in just 21.99 seconds. 

1600 Meter Race

Three Kilometers Race: Testing its long-distance capabilities, the Ferrari showcased consistency and agility, finishing the 3km race in a swift 34.34 seconds.

Stability Settings: However, raw speed isn’t the sole factor in winning races. Stability plays a pivotal role, ensuring the car remains grounded and responsive. Tweaking the stability settings is essential. For those seeking intricate details on these configurations, experts have covered this aspect extensively in various tutorials and guides.

Upgrading to The W16 Engine

For racers striving for the pinnacle of performance, the W16 engine offers unparalleled prowess

Suspension Settings for W16 Engine

Upgrading to The W16 Engine

GearBox Ratio Settings for W16 Engine

GearBox Ratio Settings for W16 Engine

402 Meter Race: This engine pushes the boundaries, enabling the Ferrari to complete the race in an astonishing 07.53 seconds. The evolution in performance is palpable.

402 Meter Race with Ferrari

1600 Meter Race: The dominance continues with the car blazing through the 1600 meters in a mere 20.53 seconds.

1600 Meter Race with w16

Three Kilometers Race: Even in more extended races, the car’s stamina doesn’t falter, finishing the 3km distance in 32.46 seconds.

Three Kilometers Race with Ferrari

Top Speed: The real testament to the W16 engine’s capabilities is the Ferrari’s top speed, which rockets to an eye-watering 583 KM/H.

Ferrari top speed with w16

Stability Settings: With great power comes the need for control. As with the V12, refining the stability settings is crucial to harness the full potential of the W16 engine. Those keen on diving into the specifics can refer to detailed tutorials for a step-by-step walkthrough.


Tuning the Ferrari 418 is a meticulous blend of science and art. Each engine modification, each tweak in the settings, translates to performance variations on the track. The difference between first and second place in a race often boils down to these nuances. If you want to download the Car Parking Multiplayer mod app you can download it from our homepage.

The Ferrari 418, with its inherent prowess, offers a strong foundation. Yet, with the right modifications, its capabilities can transcend to new heights, making it a formidable contender on any drag racing track. As racers continue their quest for perfection, the art of tuning remains at the heart of every victory. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an amateur enthusiast, remember that with the right knowledge, tools, and passion, the racetrack is yours to conquer.

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