Nissan GTR R35 GearBox Settings in Car Parking

Nissan GTR R35 GearBox Settings in Car Parking Multiplayer Mod apk

Greetings, racers! If you’ve been zooming around in Car Parking Multiplayer, you’ll know the thrill of pushing your car to its limits. Whether playing the classic version or the popular Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK, there’s always room to fine-tune your ride. Today, we’re shifting gears to focus on the Nissan GTR R35, walking you through the steps to enhance its speed for drag racing. Let’s drive in!

Starting with the Stock Engine (Default Engine)

A car’s stock engine is its original, default engine. When I started with the stock engine, my Nissan GTR R35 took 11.87 seconds to race through a 402-meter stretch, as shown in the below image. It’s always essential to check the stock performance. It gives a baseline and lets you gauge how much improvement your tweaks provide.

Starting with the Stock Engine

1) Upgrading to the V12 Engine 

V12 Engine Car Parking Multiplayer

Step 1: Go to the Main menu, select the Car Suspension option, and select the setting mentioned below.

gearbox ratio in car parking multiplayer

Step 2: Adjust the Cog setting suspension and gearbox. These settings can drastically affect your car’s performance.

gearbox ratio in car parking multiplayer

Step 3: Recommended Car Gravity Settings

Car Parking Multiplayer Mod apk

Step 4: Dive into the game and grab the V12 engine, triple turbo, Sports tire, Chip tuning, new exhaust, fast gearbox, and intercooler. Post these upgrades. Your car should be roaring with 925 horsepower and 1804 Newton-meter torque. With the V12 engine, my Nissan slashed its time to just 08.89 seconds in the same 402-meter race as shown in the image.

402 meter race in car parking multiplayer

Step 5: In the game’s options, ensure you’ve only ticked AWD and Stability help, leaving the others untouched.

Stability help option in car parking

2) Further Enhancements with the W16 Engine: 

W16 Engine in Car parking

Step 1: Embrace the W16 engine. Now, the GTR should be bellowing with 1695 horsepower and a whopping 2254 Newton meter of torque. Remarkably, my race time dropped to an impressive 07.69 seconds for the 402 meters.

Step 2: Revisit the Cog suspension and gearbox settings to maximize this engine’s potential.

gearbox settings

Step 3: As earlier, ensure only AWD and Stability Help are marked in the settings.

Stability help option in car parking

Special Adjustments for Highway Map Racing

Switching terrains to the highway map, I tweaked the front suspension settings to 37700 and the rear to 38700. I also enabled the ‘stability help’ option. After these adjustments, my Nissan GTR raced through the 402-meter stretch in just 08.24 seconds. When I further tested it in the extensive 3 km highway map drag race, it clocked a time of 32.64 seconds. Fine-tuning makes all the difference!

Nissan GTR raced through the 402-meter
R35's top speed

With this engine, the car’s horsepower jumps to 1695 and 2254 Newton meters of torque. After making these upgrades and necessary adjustments, the Nissan GTR R35’s top speed astonishingly reaches over 600+ km/h

performance in 3km Race

W16 Engine performance in 3km Race.

W16 Engine performance in 3km

W16 Engine performance in 402 meter Race.

402 meter race in w16 Car Parking Multiplayer


In the world of Car Parking Multiplayer, every millisecond counts. From your stock engine to the might of the W16, adjustments, and upgrades can thrust you to the forefront of drag racing. What times are you clocking in? Share in the comments! Remember, while we focused on the regular game today, there’s also the Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK for those interested. Stay revved up, and keep racing!


  1. What are the default gearbox settings for the Nissan GTR R35?

    The default settings are designed to provide a balance of performance and fuel efficiency for everyday driving.

  2. Can I reset the gearbox settings to stock if I’m not satisfied?

    Yes, you can always revert to the default settings provided by Nissan if you’re not pleased with custom configurations.

  3. How do I know if my gearbox settings are suitable for racing?

    For racing, settings should prioritize quick shifts and higher RPM limits. However, always ensure safety and compliance with racing guidelines.

  4. How often should I check or adjust my gearbox settings?

    It depends on your driving conditions and goals. Racers might adjust more frequently.

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