Chevy Bel Air Gearbox Settings in Car Parking Multiplayer

For those passionate about virtual racing, Car Parking Multiplayer is more than just a game—it’s a world where players can immerse themselves in the art of driving. Among the plethora of available vehicles, one name echoes louder than the rest: the CHEVY BEL AIR. While it’s true that every car in the game holds its unique appeal, there’s something inherently captivating about the CHEVY BEL AIR.

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Diving Deep into the Stock Engine Performance

Before we venture into upgrades and enhancements, it’s crucial to understand the baseline. The CHEVY BEL AIR’s stock engine is no slouch. When put to the test on a 402-meter stretch, this beast clocked in a respectable 10 seconds.

Not too shabby for a default setup! However, the essence of Car Parking Multiplayer lies in tweaking, customizing, and enhancing. So, while 10 seconds is fast, there’s an adrenaline-pumping challenge awaiting players eager to shave off those extra seconds.

The W16 Engine: A Game-Changer

The journey from good to great begins with the W16 engine. However, the engine swap is just the tip of the iceberg. To truly unlock the BEL AIR’s hidden prowess, players must pair the W16 with a series of strategic enhancements:

Triple Turbo: It’s all about acceleration and torque. The Triple Turbo ensures that the BEL AIR gets that much-needed boost, propelling it forward with an unmatched surge.

Sport Tire: Traction is paramount. With the Sport Tire, players can ensure that every bit of power from the engine translates to movement on the track.

New Exhaust: A revamped exhaust doesn’t just give the BEL AIR a throaty roar; it optimizes the outflow of exhaust gases, ensuring the engine breathes better and delivers more power.

Chip Tuning: This is where the magic happens. Chip Tuning ensures that the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU) is set to maximize performance, be it fuel injection or ignition timing.

Upgraded Brakes: Speed is essential, but so is control. Enhanced brakes guarantee that the BEL AIR can handle tight turns and sudden stops without breaking a sweat.

Fast GearBox: Shifting gears at the right moment can make or break a race. The Fast GearBox ensures seamless transitions, keeping the RPMs in the sweet spot.

Inter Cooler: As the engine works harder, it gets hotter. An efficient Inter Cooler ensures that the engine stays cool, operating at its peak efficiency.

Exhaust Features: The Exhaust Burble & Exhaust Shot are more than just show. They give the BEL AIR character and ensure optimal exhaust flow.

Suspension Settings for W16 Engine

Suspension Settings

GearBox Ratio Settings for W16 Engine

GearBox Ratio Settings

Center of Gravity Settings for W16 Engine

Chevy Bel Air Gearbox Settings in Car Parking Multiplayer

W16 Engine results

After arming the CHEVY BEL AIR with these upgrades, the transformation is palpable. The car’s horsepower skyrockets to a mind-boggling 1695 HP. Torque, the force that drivers feel pushing them back into their seats, reaches an astonishing 2254NM.

When put back on the 402-meter track, the BEL AIR now finishes in a blistering 08.48 seconds. But wait, there’s more! For players who master the speed trick of simultaneously pressing FWD and AWD, the BEL AIR’s time further drops to an eye-watering 07.19 seconds as you can see in the below image.

402-meter track

Comparing Engines: Stock vs. W16

Having seen the BEL AIR perform with both engines, the difference is night and day. The stock engine, while commendable, could push the car to speeds of up to 200 KM/H. In contrast, the W16, a powerhouse in its own right, can make the car scream down the track at an exhilarating 600 km/H. That’s triple the speed!

AspectStock EngineW16 Engine
Speed200 KM/H600 KM/H
Race Completion Time10 seconds08.48 seconds (07.19 with speed trick)
Horsepower2831695 HP
Stock engine vs W16 engine


In conclusion, Car Parking Multiplayer is not just a game; it’s a journey of discovery, optimization, and racing prowess. The CHEVY BEL AIR serves as a shining example of the depth this game offers, urging players to push boundaries and fully realize the car’s potential.

For Game Fans eager to access an even wider range of experiences, the Download Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK is the key. This mod offers a treasure trove of benefits, including all unlocked vehicles and unlimited resources like money. With everything at their fingertips, players can dive deeper into the racing world, experiment without constraints, and create memorable racing moments.


  1. How can players access and implement the new gearbox setting for CHEVY BEL AIR in Car Parking Multiplayer?

    Players can access gearbox settings via the game’s main menu. Under the ‘Vehicle Upgrades’ section, they can navigate to the ‘Gearbox Settings’ option. Here, they can input the recommended values for the CHEVY BEL AIR. It’s crucial to use settings before entering any races to ensure the car operates with the newly optimized setup.

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