How to Get Gold in Car Parking Multiplayer Without Mods?


Playing Car Parking Multiplayer MOD is a delightful pastime for many. But wouldn’t it be even more fun if you could pile up more gold coins without any tricks? Let’s dive deep into the fun and simple ways to gather gold.

Daily Rewards: Your Daily Gold Gift

How to Get Gold in Car Parking Without Mods?

Imagine waking up every day to find a little treasure waiting for you. That’s exactly what daily rewards in car parking Multiplayer feel like!

  • What’s the Deal?
  • A special ‘thank you’ awaits every day you open your game. It’s the game’s way of saying, “Hey! Glad to see you back!”
  • How to Get It?
  • It’s super simple. Open the game, find the gift button (it looks like a wrapped present), and click ‘daily rewards.’ Voila! Gold coins are yours.
  • How much gold?
  • Now, think about this: if you do this daily, you can pocket up to 2520 gold coins in a year! That’s a heap of gold, all for just showing up.
Your Daily Gold Gift

Daily Tasks: Easy way to Get More Gold

Daily Tasks in car paring multiplayer mod apk

Beyond the daily rewards, the game has set up fun little missions or ‘tasks’ for you. Think of them as exciting mini-adventures!

  • Tasks? Like Homework?
  • Nope! Way more fun. These tasks might ask you to:
    • Drift around sharp bends, making your car dance on the roads.
    • Park your car perfectly in tricky spots.
    • Act as the boss of a toll booth.
    • Want to learn how to drift a car? Read this article.
drift a car in car parking mutiplayer
  • Bragging Rights:
  • Master the art of drifting, and you’ll get the ‘drift king’ title. This isn’t just a cool nickname; you get 50,000 cash and 25 shiny gold coins.
  • Gold Count:
  • If you do these tasks daily, another 1120 gold coins can be yours in a year. Just for having fun!
gatekeeper task in car parking multiplayer

Facts and Figures: Get Unlimited Gold

  • 2520 Gold Coins: The shiny treasure you get from daily rewards in a year.
  • 1120 Gold Coins: Your yearly bonus for tackling those everyday tasks.

Combine them, and you’ll see 3640 gold coins in one year! All without any sneaky tricks.

how to get gold in car parking

Pros and Cons: Gold Gathering in a Nutshell

Pros (The Yay! Stuff)

  • Free gold every day, just for showing up.
  • Exciting daily tasks that offer more than just fun.
  • Big gold bonuses, like the ‘drift king’ reward.

Cons (The Hmm… Stuff)

  • You’ve got to remember to collect your rewards daily.
  • Some tasks need a bit of practice to perfect.

Conclusion: Striking Gold in Car Parking

With daily rewards and tasks, car parking Multiplayer offers a goldmine of fun and treasures. By staying consistent and diving into the mini-adventures the game sets up, you can be swimming in gold coins. So, rev up your engines and chase those golden rewards together!


  1. How many gold coins can I bag in a year in car parking multiplayer?

    You’re looking at 3640 gold coins with daily rewards and tasks combined.

  2. Is the ‘drift king’ title worth it?

    Absolutely! Besides the cool title, you get 50,000 cash and 25 gold coins.

  3. Are there special challenges that give more gold?

    Yes, certain challenges, especially drift challenges, tend to offer higher gold rewards upon completion.

  4. Can I earn gold by referring friends?

    Some versions or updates of the game might offer gold for referring friends. Check the game’s promotions or bonus section.

  5. Is there a way to earn gold by watching ads?

    Many games, including Car Parking Multiplayer, offer gold or other in-game currencies as rewards for watching short advertisements.

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