Honda EK9’s Gearbox Settings in Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer has revolutionized the virtual driving experience. From cruising the city streets to adrenaline-pumping drag races, this game offers an unmatched realism that fans love. The Honda Civic EK9 stands as one of its standout vehicles, an epitome of elegance and performance. While many players are keen to explore the nuances of the game via the Car Parking Multiplayer Unlimited Everything, there’s an unusual thrill in improving the performance of your car in its original environment. This article delves deep into optimizing the Honda Civic EK9, ensuring you gain that competitive advantage in every race.

Honda EK9's Best Gearbox Settings in Car Parking Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer Mod apk

Before we zoom into the details of the EK9, it’s essential to understand the appeal of the Car Parking Multiplayer Mod. This game is not just about parking or simple driving tasks. It offers players a realistic driving experience with a group of cars, detailed environments, and customization options. The buzz around the Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK shows its popularity. But, for true fans, the game’s core version offers depth and challenge that few can withstand.

Beginning with the Basics: The Honda Civic EK9

The Honda Civic EK9, in the real world, is a testament to the prowess of Japanese engineering. Compact yet powerful, it has a rich racing lineage. In the Car Parking Multiplayer, this vehicle stands out for its skill, acceleration, and adaptability to various racing Challenges.

The Honda Civic EK9 in Car Parking Multiplayer

Stock Engine Performance Insights

Every master tuner knows the importance of understanding a car’s stock performance. Before diving into performance-enhancing modifications, one needs to be familiar with the baseline—the Honda Civic EK9, when accumulated in a Car Parking Multiplayer Version, offers good performance. However, with the right tweaks, it can be turned into a drag-racing beast.

Stock Performance Insights

The Honda Civic Type R EK9 is popular in real life and the game Car Parking Multiplayer. The EK9 raced with the game’s stocked (default) engine and default gearbox settings. It completed the race in 17.37 seconds. And the top speed test is 207 KM/H.

Top Speed Test With Stock Engine

Three-Step Enhancements

Enhancement/ModificationDetails/SpecificationsPerformance Impact
Engine UpgradeSwitch to V8 4.0 EngineBoosts horsepower to 545; Delivers 902 Nm of torque
Additional UpgradesTriple Turbo, Sport Tire, New Exhaust, etc.Improved overall car performance in the game
Gear Box Ratio ModificationReal-world control setupFinished a 402-meter race in 09.28 seconds
Suspension AdjustmentChange to 10,300Car’s performance in a 1,600-meter race: 21.54 seconds
Secret Drag Racing TrickAlternate between FWD and RWDSignificant speed boost, especially in tight races
Top Speed Test (Post-Upgrade)Jumped from 217 KM/h to 410 KM/h

1) Upgrade to V8 4.0 Engine

Upgrade to V8 4.0 Engine in Car Parking Multiplayer

The first and foremost step is to shift to the V8 4.0 engine. Though the V8 4.5 might seem like a more powerful option, in the game’s dynamics, the 4.0 version proves incomparable. This upgrade catapults the horsepower to 545 and delivers a torque of 902 Newton meters. Alongside, fine-tuning the centre of gravity, suspension, and gearbox is pivotal to harnessing this raw power.

If you’re looking to upgrade your V8 4.0 Engine in Car Parking Multiplayer Version, here’s a list of things you might consider buying:

  1. Triple Turbo – 2,000,000 Cash
  2. Sport Tire – 10,000 Cash
  3. New Exhaust – 1,500 Cash
  4. Chip Tuning – 5,000 Cash
  5. Brake – 5,000 Cash
  6. Fast Gearbox – 20,000 Cash
  7. Inter Cooler – 5,000 Cash
  8. Exhaust Burble – 5,000 Cash
  9. Exhaust Shot – 5,000 Cash

With these upgrades, your vehicle should not only perform better but also stand out in the game. Remember to balance your budget and prioritize upgrades based on your specific gameplay needs and style.

Click on the suspension icon in the game menu and Adjust you settings according to the following image.

V8 4.0 Engine In honda Car Parking

2) Gear Box Ratio

Now click on the gear box ratio in the menu and choose these recommended settings for an extra speed boost.

Gear Box Ratio Car Parking Multiplayer

Updated GearBox Results

After changing the gearbox of the Honda Civic Type R EK9 in the Car Parking Multiplayer, the car got faster. In a 402-meter race, it finished in 09.28 seconds. This shows that adjusting the game’s parts can improve the car race.

402-meter race, it finished in 09.28 seconds

The game settings should mimic real-world controls to get a genuine driving feel. Activating ABS, stability help, automatic, and AWD ensures this. Test the car in the 402 racing segment when these controls are in place. The difference in control and speed will be noticeable.

AWD Trick Car Parking Multiplayer

3) Secret Drag Racing Trick 

Here’s a game-changer for those who live for drag races in Car Parking Multiplayer. Players can gain that much-needed speed boost by alternating between the FWD and RWD. This trick, while optional, can make a significant difference, especially in tight races. If the 1600 drag or the three-kilometre races are your battlegrounds, adjusting the COG and suspension to perfection is key.

After tweaking the gearbox of the Honda Civic Type R EK9 in “Car Parking Multiplayer”, the car’s speed improved. When the suspension was changed to 10,300, the car’s performance was tested again in a 1,600-meter race. It finished the distance in 21.54 seconds.

1,600-meter race

After upgrading the engine and gearbox settings of the Honda EK9 in “Car Parking Multiplayer”, its top speed dramatically increased. It jumped from 217 KM/h to 410 KM/h. This demonstrates the significant impact of upgrades on the car’s performance in the game.

Honda EK9 in "Car Parking Multiplayer"

Beyond the Modifications

Top speed comparison chart in car parking multiplayer

While the steps above are tried and tested for the EK9, the world of Car Parking Multiplayer is vast. There are numerous races, challenges, and customization options to explore. Plus, the game constantly updates, bringing in new features and dynamics. The key lies in adapting and learning.

The chatter surrounding the Car Parking Multiplayer Unlocked Everything is understandable, given the quest for quick upgrades and features. However, mastering the game in its true essence is far more rewarding for those who love a challenge.


With its detailed environments and tough game mechanics, the Car Parking Multiplayer offers an immersive experience. The Honda Civic EK9, a gem within the game, can be turned into an unmatched racing machine with the right enhancements. Whether exploring the base game or dabbling with the car parking multiplayer mod app, having a well-optimized EK9 ensures you’re always ahead in the racing arena. Drive smart, race hard, and always strive for the podium!


  1. How does the Honda Civic EK9 stand out in Car Parking Multiplayer?

    In the Car Parking Multiplayer, the Honda Civic EK9 is celebrated for its acceleration, adaptability to various racing challenges, and the representation of its rich real-world racing lineage. It epitomizes a blend of elegance and performance in the game.

  2. Are any critical steps recommended to enhance the performance of the Honda Civic EK9 in the game?

    Yes, there are three main steps:
    Upgrading to the V8 4.0 Engine, which significantly boosts the horsepower and torque.
    Modifying the Gear Box Ratio and aligning game settings with real-world controls for a genuine driving feel.
    Utilizing the secret drag racing trick by switching between the FWD and RWD, and finely adjusting the COG and suspension for optimal performance in drag races.

  3. How does adjusting the game parts affect the car’s race performance?

    Tweaking game parts, such as the gearbox, can substantially improve a car’s speed and performance in races. For instance, after altering the gearbox of the Honda Civic Type R EK9, it was observed to finish a 402-meter race faster, in just 09.28 seconds.

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