How to Copy Cars in the New Update of CPM Mod APK?

How to Copy Cars in the New Update of Car parking multiplayer Mod APK” – a question that many gaming enthusiasts have been pondering.

Greetings to all car gaming enthusiasts! In today’s tutorial, we’re diving deep into copying cars in the new update of “Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK” If you’re new to this or seeking a refreshed guide for the latest updates, buckle up, and let’s get started.


Every update brings a host of new features and changes. With the new car parking update, there are specific ways to copy cars, and it’s essential to do it right, lest you lose your prized vehicles.

Steps to Copy Cars in the New Update of CPM

Account Sign-in

Copy Cars in the New Update of Car parking multiplayer Mod APK

First, sign in to your account that you’ll use to copy the car. If you’re using a fresh account, you might notice minimal cars but don’t worry. The process is the same.

Join/Create a Room

Join Create a Room in car parking multiplayer mod apk

Once signed in, join a room. This step is where you’ll borrow a car to copy onto your account. Make sure to check the Friend only check box. And type 121 in the password field.

Borrowing a Car

The core of the process. Join the room and borrow the desired car. A critical point to remember: ensure you do this precisely, as missing steps may result in not copying the car correctly. Go near the car and enter into it.

Saving Process

Save Data of the Car

Return to the main menu and save with the borrowed car. Here’s a tip: save three times to ensure the changes are locked in.

Save Car in Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APk

Using Parallel Space app

Using Parallel Space app For Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APk

Now, you’ll need a third-party app called Parallel space (ensure you download a safe and official version). Log into your account through Parallel and check if the car copying process was successful. The main point here: do not log out.

Login to parallel space account of car parking mod

Return to Main App

Join Multiplayer in Car PArking Mod APk

Return to your main Car Parking app and return the borrowed car. It’s like giving back what you took, but your copied car will stay if you’ve done everything correctly. Remember password was 121 which we have given before. Now go to the car.

Copy Cars in the New Update of CPM Mod APK

Sell it for $0 and hit ok.

Sell the car for $0

Sign Out, but Don’t Log Back In

Sign out of your main account but resist the temptation to sign back in immediately. Instead, revisit the Parallel app.

Final Touches in Parallel Space app

Hit save another three times in the Parallel app. This step is crucial; skipping it might render the entire process ineffective.

Final Sign-in

Now, return to your main Car Parking app and sign in. If done correctly, the copied car should be present in your garage. 

Note : Use these steps at your own risk.

Step No.ActionImportant Note
1.Account Sign-inLog into the account where you’ll copy the car
2.Join/Create a RoomThis is where you’ll borrow the car
3.Borrowing a CarEnsure you follow the right steps
4.Saving ProcessReturn to the main menu and save thrice
5.Use ParallelUse the official Parallel app
6.Return to Main AppGive back the borrowed car
7.Sign Out from MainDo not log back in immediately
8.Final Touches in ParallelSave thrice within the Parallel app
9.Final Sign-in in Main AppIf correct, the copied car should be in the garage


This process might seem tedious, but it’s all worth it when your copied car is waiting in your garage. Always remember to follow these steps to the letter. If you’re wondering about using this process on modded versions of the app, proceed with caution. While this tutorial is optimized for the original application, modded versions might behave differently.

Are you tired of experiencing lag while enjoying the Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK? Lag can greatly hinder your gameplay and overall enjoyment. Fortunately, there are ways to address this issue. Check out this guide on how to fix lag in Car Parking Multiplayer Mod APK to optimize your gaming experience. By following the steps outlined in the guide, you can bid farewell to lag and immerse yourself in seamless gameplay.

Lastly, if you face challenges or have further questions, drop them in the comments. Happy gaming, and enjoy your new car!

Can I use this copying method on modded versions of the Car Parking Multiplayer game?

Yes, the car copying method is applicable for both the original and modded versions of the game. However, always remember to follow the steps closely to ensure success in both versions.

If I face an issue copying cars in the modded version, what should I do?

Double-check if you’ve followed all the steps correctly. Modded versions might have different features or mechanics, so always ensure you’re using a reputable mod and consult the mod’s community or documentation for specific guidance.

Is there a risk of getting banned while copying cars, especially in the modded version?

While the method provided is designed to work seamlessly, always be cautious when using modded versions. Game developers sometimes flag unusual activities, which could lead to bans. It’s always good to stay updated with the game’s terms of service.

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