Car Parking Multiplayer Latest Update ( | 2023

The thrill of virtually parking cars has taken an exciting turn with the latest update of the Car Parking Multiplayer. This widely downloaded game, launched in 2017 by Olzhass, has consistently impressed its massive user base. With over 100 million downloads since its release and a vast range of in-app purchases, the game keeps evolving.

Its latest update,, released on September 11, 2023, is here and promises some jaw-dropping features and enhancements. For those fans looking to maximize their in-game assets, the “Download Car Parking Mod APK” has been making waves. This mod version offers players unlimited money, the capability to buy endless cars, enjoy infinite fuel, and essentially, provides an all-access pass to every feature in the game, taking the excitement to a whole new level.

New Update Features

Tire CustomizationAllows players to select different sizes for the front and rear tires and adjust the width of the wheels.
Lock and Unlock DoorsEnables players to secure their vehicles by locking/unlocking car doors from the inside.
Skid Marks ToggleGives the option for players to turn skid marks on or off, useful for content creators.
Diverse Police SirensIntroduces multiple police sirens with unique sounds, adding realism to chases.
Revamped Car SoundsEnhances in-game immersion with improved and realistic car sounds.

1) New Cars

The update brings in 3 expensive cars for players to add to their collection:

i) Dodge Ram TRX: This beast is the first Ram truck equipped with launch control. Not only does it regulate engine RPM, but this ride is also available for a steal at just 1000 coins. With a hefty 702 hp and a torque of 881, it’s set to be a game favorite.

Dodge Ram TRX in car parking multiplayer mod apk

ii) Mercedes-Benz Santaro: Introduced back in 1997, the Santaro is a single-decker that speaks class and luxury. Its iconic logo and sleek design make it a must-have for every player.

Mercedes-Benz Santaro in car parking multiplayer mod apk

iii) Peugeot: Known for its legendary lion emblem, Peugeot adds a touch of stylish design to the game’s garage.

Peugeot in Car parking Multiplayer mod apk

2) Tire Customization: Crafting Your Perfect Ride

One of the most anticipated features of the latest update in Car Parking Multiplayer is the tire customization option. Previously, players were restricted to having the same size tires at both the front and rear of their cars. But with the new update, players now have the independence to choose different sizes for the front and rear tires.

Lock and Unlock Doors: Your Car, Your Rules

This not only provides an opportunity for players to experiment with the look of their vehicles but can also potentially affect how the cars handle different scenarios within the game. If you’ve always wanted a car that has wider rear tires for that aggressive stance or perhaps narrower front tires for a unique look, now’s your chance.

Moreover, the width of the wheels can also be adjusted. This opens up a plethora of aesthetic options. Whether you’re gearing up for a drag race or simply want your car to have a more robust and dominating presence, adjusting the wheel width can make a significant difference.

3) Lock and Unlock Doors

New Feature in car parking Multiplayer Lock and Unlock Doors

The Car Parking Multiplayer community has been clamoring for more security features. Recognizing this, the developers introduced the ability to lock and unlock car doors from the inside. This feature is more than just a cosmetic update. It serves a functional purpose.

Imagine you’ve parked your vehicle in a bustling area within the game. The last thing you’d want is for other players to only hop in with permission. With this new locking mechanism, players can now ensure their car remains exclusive to them, adding another layer of realism to the game. Just a simple press of a button, and your car turns into a fortress inaccessible to anyone but you.

4) Skid Marks Toggle

Skid Marks Toggle in Car parking Multiplayer Mod apk

Content creators, especially those who host car meets in the game, have a reason to rejoice. The new update allows players to turn skid marks on and off. This might seem like a minor addition, but its implications are vast.

For content creators, having the perfect shot or scene is paramount. Unwanted skid marks could potentially ruin an otherwise perfect frame. Whether you’re filming a cinematic or setting up a pristine car meet, the ability to toggle skid marks ensures that the setting remains exactly how you envision it.

5) Diverse Police Sirens: Chasing Realism

Diverse Police Sirens: Chasing Realism

Immersion is a significant factor in any game, and the updated police sirens in the Car Parking Multiplayer beta update further amplifies this. Players now have an array of police sirens to choose from, each carrying its distinct sound.

This new feature not only diversifies the in-game audio but also adds depth to those adrenaline-pumping police chases. Each siren’s unique sound provides a different experience, ensuring that no two police chases feel the same.

6) Revamped Car Sounds: Hear the Roar

Car Parking Multiplayer latest Update ( | 2023

Last but certainly not least, the update introduces new and improved car sounds. A car’s sound, especially in a game revolving around vehicles, plays a crucial role in player immersion. The roar of the engine, the purr of an idle car, and the revving in high-speed scenarios have all been enhanced.

For players, this means every drive, every race, and every moment spent in their virtual car feels more realistic than ever. The sound of a vehicle can make or break the driving experience, and with this update, it’s safe to say that players are in for a treat.

7) New outfits

New outfits

The wardrobe section has also seen an expansion. From chic hats to sleek glasses, players can make their avatars look cooler than ever with these new accessories. The shades, in particular, are a hit amongst players looking for that extra edge.

8) Performance and Feedback

The game’s performance has improved considerably. Many players have reported smoother gameplay, with issues of lag being addressed. However, as with every update, there were hits and misses. Some players felt the car sounds had become more monotonous, while others missed the roaring exhaust sounds. The demand for more classic cars and features like air suspension is also growing.

Despite a few hiccups, most agree that this might be one of the best updates. Although the addition of another Dodge Ram left some desiring more diverse cars, the consensus remains positive.

9) Graphics Overhaul

One cannot overlook the subtle yet significant improvements in the game’s graphics. Everything from the cars to the environment seems sharper, more detailed, and realistic.


The Car Parking Multiplayer latest Update is a testament to the designers’ dedication to delivering an immersive and enhanced gaming experience. With new cars, features, and performance improvements, it’s paving the way for the future of virtual car parking. As the game continues to evolve, what cars and features would you like to see in the next update?


  1. When was the Car Parking Multiplayer game first released?

    March 20, 2017.

  2. What is the price of the Dodge Ram TRX in the game?

    The Dodge Ram TRX is available for 1000 coins.

  3. How many downloads does the game have?

    The game boasts over 100 million downloads.

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